"Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt" - "A Gardening Guide for South-eastern Melbourne"
Rob Scott, Neil Blake, Jeannie Campbell, Doug Evans, Nicholas Williams.

Highly recommended publication dealing with local plants. This well presented book contains a host of practical planting ideas with images, information & explanations across a comprehensive range of subjects relating to indigenous vegetation communities of the Sandbelt Region.

"Flora of Melbourne" "A Guide to the Indigenous Plants of the Greater Melbourne Area"
Australian Plant Society Maroondah Inc.

A comprehensive guide to the indigenous plants of the greater Melbourne area, ranging from the Werribee River to Mount Evelyn, and from Sunbury to Mount Eliza. With useful supplementary reading on plant communities, cultivation, restoration and planting.



"Live Bayside - Plant Bayside - Indigenous Plant Guide For Bayside Gardens"

Excellent publication, 65 pages of very useful information on local plants, garden design, wildlife friendly gardens, weeds, and
a lot more. (Free from Bayside Indigenous Nursery)