Local Indigenous Plant Nurseries

St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Co-op Ltd (SKINC)

525 Williamstown Rd,
Port Melbourne 3207.

Tel: 9645 2477.


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Handy hints to help with planting

Planning:- Creating a rough sketch map/plan may be helpful for planning the area that you would like to plant. Note; pathways; existing trees; shady areas; damp or wet areas & the drier sunny places; height issues may also be important. Consider bare fences or walls that could be smartened-up with a climber. Locate the northerly aspect. Take your rough sketch to the nursery along with the above details. The staff at the indigenous nursery will be able to help you select plants suitable for your areas. Even small areas can be landscaped to good effect. Ponds can become mini wetlands. Paved areas can also be landscaped with indigenous plants in containers.

Bayside Community Nursery
Bayside City Council
319 Reserve Rd, Cheltenham 3192.

Tel: 9583 8408

Open to the public each Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 12noon.

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Name Tags:- Make sure you get name tags with your plants or write down the name of your plants at the time of purchase. This will be handy to ID your plants later. Keep the tags with the plants even after they have been planted. This a good way to get to know your plants.

Group Plantings:- For a natural bushland look group plants together. Symmetrical tussock forming plants like Kangaroo Grass or the Poa, Tussock Grasses, are a good example of how pleasing grouping can look. Acacia implexa, Lightwood also has a greater aesthetic impact when planted in groups. Grading plants from small to large gives a pleasing perspective, especially in small areas, that may tend to be hidden by large bushy plants in the foreground.

Greenlink Nursery
Greenlink Sandbelt Inc.
Spring Valley Golf Club.
Entry from Heatherton Road
Clayton South.

Many City Councils have established indigenous plantings, which may provide some ideas and inspiration. Take a camera along & photograph plants you like, & areas that you would like to emulate.

If you have a suitablably large garden area consider planting tree/s. Trees greatly enhance the landscape & are valuable to wildlife as shelter & food.